ChatNow - Start chatting with a click

Start chatting with a click!

ChatNow is a useful feature that can enhance your WhatsApp marketing campaign. It allows your target audience to begin a chat with you (via link) without having your phone number saved in their phone, which mean they can immediately start chatting with you with a click! With this convenience, it can increase the conversion rate significantly and improve your WhatsApp marketing effectiveness.

How It Work?

We will create a personalized ChatNow link (eg. specially for your WhatsApp campaign. With this feature, it allows the recipients to begin a chat with you without having your phone number saved in their phone’s address book.

We can pre-set the sending mobile number and pre-filled the text message, which means your recipients can start chatting with you through a click. With this ChatNow feature, communicate with your target audience has never been so easy!

To find out more about ChatNow and learn how it can boost your WhatsApp marketing campaign, contact us today!